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1 month ago  

Food wasn't great as Hunt Valley location. The day I went they didn't allow you sit outside strange ... "because of covid-19". The staff service was food.


2 months ago  

The young man respectfully answered my questions about the on coolest new feature on fiberglass casement windows. Instead of a crank, they open with a lever. Very slick and great for people with arthritis.

Alex Chuchra

2 months ago  

We had an issue with a Pella door not closing properly (not locking). Also had a problem window. Both were installed by a contractor who did a lot of work on our house last fall. Jim W. diagnosed the problems -- both due to poor installation -- and was helpful in describing what needed to be done to correct the install issues. He got the door lock working so at least we can lock it and have security until the correction can be done. We are grateful for his help and explanations.

Ariane DuBois

3 months ago  

I ordered 250 series windows from this location (installed myself) and the salesman was super nice in the beginning. Worked with my wife and I showing us multiple options for our project. I specifically requested the window jamb size to meet the standard 4 9/16" size and after a month waiting on my windows they were short. They did not come with extension jambs and I was told to just go buy 1x lumber like a normal contractor would do. Well I'm not a "normal contractor" and doing the project on my own. After talking with the management team I was offered the extension jambs at no cost but it would take 3-4 weeks to be delivered which would hold up my project for something that was ordered wrong in the first place. I asked if anything could be rushed or if I could go pick them up from a warehouse that was close and never got a response back. Fair warning for anyone buying Pella windows. Specify your jamb size and triple check your saleman before purchasing anything! After the deal is made customer service goes out the window. The windows are nice and have been installed. I'll end up having to bite the bullet and just buy my own lumber and make my own extension jambs (more cost/time lost to me). I might think twice before going with Pella in the future after all this headache but whatever you do make sure you question every detail before forking out money.

Jonathan Anthony

3 months ago  

Great 👍! Anna.was very helpful .

Bernd Ford

4 months ago  

Over the last 7 years we have replaced all of our windows and doors in our house with Pella products from this showroom. We have been very pleased with the products and the installation teams. Recently we started having an issue with the front door. It was installed 6 years ago. Over time it began to sag from the weight of the door, making it very hard to engage the deadbolt to lock the door. It is a very heavy door since it is an Architect Series full light door. We called about the problem and the service representative, Jim W, was able to immediately fix the problem to correct the sagging.

Karen Kohri

6 months ago  

Ngoc and Jim arrived and expertly fixed a problematic window. We are totally satisfied with their work.

Deborah Weiner

7 months ago  

Jackie Burja

7 months ago  

Hired to make and install new windows. The window quality is excellent and two of the three installation crews involved in the project were outstanding and beyond reproach. (The first crew did good work but incompletely caulked the edges and there garbage and debris in the garden.) our third and final installation tech was on-time, polite, professional, and did a fantastic job - David K was amazing! My only complaint (and reason for not giving 5 stars) is that communication with the installation department and installation coordinators was abysmal. That aspect and the coordinators on our project would be a 1 star out of 5, if that. Our final coordinator was by far the best and did what he could - the complications, delays, and failed coordination was prior to his involvement and to his credit, he did everything he could to bring the project to a successful close. In the end: thrilled with the new windows but glad the project is FINALLY complete.

Rebecca H.

8 months ago  

Kristine Amari

8 months ago  

The crew was punctual, polite, and effective. Showed up at the appointment time, did their jobs effectively, cleanup and removed all debris. Will use again.

Bob Bixler

8 months ago  

Yesterday Don came to our house to check for needed repairs to our 32-year-old Pella windows. Luckily for us, Don has been working with Pella for even longer -- 34 years -- so he knew everything there is to know, including that the builder of our house had installed some of the windows sideways. Don checked every window, fixed what could be fixed easily, took measurements for things that needed to be replaced, and explained clearly and patiently how we should maintain our windows. He also suggested creative renovations that we could consider for the future. He was well-masked, efficient, thorough, friendly, and courteous. It was a delight to work with and learn from a true expert. This was one of the best service experiences we’ve ever had.

Edie Stern

8 months ago  

Dave was thorough and worked very quickly. Terrific job!!!

Tommy Holford

9 months ago  

Thanks to Richard for sorting out our door issue and his professional approach.

Scott Robertson

9 months ago  

Great service, on-time, great work. Helpful. Nice people.

Rusty Meadows

9 months ago  

Had a new door installed last year and the deadbolt froze on us the other day - we couldn't unlock and open the door. Called support - no worries, they scheduled a tech to visit us. Don (the tech) came out, took everything apart, found the problem, fixed it - easy as pie. Thanks Pella!!

Rich Hall

9 months ago  

Richard completed the installation of a window part quickly and courteously. We were very pleased. Thank you.

Anne Gould

9 months ago  

Barbara C. Miller

10 months ago  

Richard arrived on time (with a mask) and evaluated my window problem, he then to my amazement told me the problem was not complicated. He could have stated I needed all types of lever and lock replacement- he did not. He struck me as an honest subject matter expect that turned out to also do quality work. My Lucky day! In the end my locks are all working and I am very pleased with the result and the cost. All my windows and the French doors are Pella. I find their repair persons attitude and work ethic to be very complimentary to the quality of their products. Pella-very good on you!

Chris Burroughs

10 months ago  

Ngoc showed up right on time, repaired the window quickly, and was very friendly and professional. I have no complaints and recommend his service highly.


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