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1 month ago  

I recently had our sliding glass exterior door replaced it was very old and needed to be replaced it was professional installed with great care and attention to detail i.e. adding all new frame and adding all new trim the crew was on time work completed on schedule. The workers were extremely pleasant and professional they left the site cleaner then when arrived they came completely equipped with ALL the needed tools and wood needed for the job including all new frame work. Now onto the Pella organization, i.e. the customer service side, this has a LOT to be desired to be effective at the their job. I fully realize and understand that the workers are extremely busy i.e. they are booked up to 6 plus months in advance extremely busy. However whenever I tried to contact customer service i.e. the Mass site always answered and their response was extreme POOR. I was informed that the NH division is expanding and that they are being separated out however this does NOT in any way nor should it affect the customer experience IT was a Negative Rating it was NOT a good experience in fact when I called to confirm my installation appointment the person in the Mass office informed the NH office that I wanted to re schedule my appoint that took me 2.5 months to get and luckily the NH rep called me and I straightened out the situation very quickly and they informed me that if I did want to reschedule it would not be for another 5 months at best and of course I was extremely livid however I did NOT dare say anything until the job was complete. Again the contractors were wonderful I am extremely pleased with their work I give them 5 Stars, however the customer service End I give 1 star because there is NO negative rating available. Please be careful when making you appointments and make sure that the schedulers understand extremely clearly your dates as I did I had to inform the Mass person three times that I ONLY wanted to Confirm my install appointment and even after my conversation I asked her point blank did I make myself clear i.e. just wanted to Confirm NOT reschedule and she responded yes 3 times since I had asked her to repeat what I said and yet she later contacted the NH office and informed them that I wanted to reschedule. I find this customer experience Horrible at best. They were not able to connect me directly with the NH office this is NOT acceptable

Michael Cardinale

1 month ago  

Jamie at Pella was very professional and courteous in our conversations. She handled the entire process without any issue with good communication and follow-up. A+ all the way> Thank you!

John Giglio

2 months ago  

My husband and I have 2 properties we have had products installed on different occasions. I had one minor unpleasant set back during Covid period. Jamie Seyler was extremely pleasant to help support me through my difficulties. She had patience and remained focused on getting the issued addressed quickly and professionally, while ensuring my future Pella business. That was in 2020, I just reached out to her personally again for more Windows and Doors. She has helped secure us as repeat Customers. We love Pella products and she regained my satisfaction with her personal attention and quick responsiveness. Thank you Jamie, really appreciate your work and look forward to our new connection with Mark for more Products!

Carrie Martinez

3 months ago  

After evaluating 3 vendors for window replacement, installation of a slider and new door coupled with repair of a door, Pella came out on top after working with Joe Maio. Joe was incredibly professional, bright and creative. Joe was super helpful lending the guidance we needed and taking his time with the aesthetics of the interior as well as exterior outcomes. We have additional windows to replace and plan to reach out to Joe directly. Highly recommend!

Anne Marie Casey

5 months ago  

Thank you so much to Jamie for making my window experience easy and great! She was extremely helpful in all times during the process of window research, as well as keeping me updated with when they would arrive. She is extremely professional and knowledgeable. If I ever had to order windows again, I would return without question!

Erin D

6 months ago  

We went to Pella Windows & Doors of Newington NH to look at some windows and doors for our condo. We bought a very nice, high quality French door from this location for our house about 15 years ago - - the service at that time was courteous, friendly and helpful. Today, the attitude has changed. The salesperson seemed to be more interested in booking appointments rather than answering questions about cost. Perhaps that is how she is paid, by booking appointments. We asked for an approximate cost for both some specific windows and a door, she wouldn’t give an estimate, but wanted to book an appointment. We asked for an approx. cost of the difference between wood and vinyl for these products, but she wouldn’t give an estimate, but wanted to book an appointment. I have managed three customer service organizations at the sr. management level, and I would not operate my service office this way. Although we made an appointment, we canceled it later that day. A more consultative and helpful approach would have kept the appointment.

Jim O'Donnell

6 months ago  

I had been trying to get some Pella door parts from stores in Massachusetts with nothing but a run around! While in Portsmouth, NH visiting Woodworkers I saw the Pella sign and descided to stop in! Wow what a difference in service from Jamie Seyler and Bobby Borelli. A 10 rating is not high enough! I stopped back to PU the parts in about a week and said why not try locating some felt strip! No problem at all and I ordered the part! From now on I stop at your store1 Just two extraordinary employees! Service that brings back customers!!

Henry Breit

7 months ago  

Bobby is the best.. We bought a house with Pella products throughout the whole place. We weren't able to lock any of the doors. My wife called Pella and they set up a service call.. Bobby came and fixed and adjusted everything that was wrong. I will never buy anything but a Pella window or door after this experience. You definitely get what you pay for.. The service is even better than I could have wished for. We just ordered 7 more Pella windows for our kitchen renovation.. It's nice to deal with a professional tradesman that has pride in his product and his work.

Kristian Boehmer

9 months ago  

Excellent service. I had an issue with my patio door seal and another issue that Lowe's stated the part was not available due to Covid-19 because the parts were coming from Pella in Canada. Come to find out there are no parts coming from Canada to begin with (Pella is based in the USA). The Pella representative took care of everything and helped get the issues fixed.

J.R. D

9 months ago  

I took over managing this 47-unit building in Biddeford a few short years ago. The building had purchased windows back in 2013 and occasionally we need repair. Anytime I call for service and we get Bobby he is the absolute best! He's efficient, timely, personal, professional and is by far the best window repair person we could have ever asked for. The previous property manager used a competitor company(won't share names) to install a new window in a tenants apartment and shortly after we called for repair because it slams down and won't stay open...well that company will not come out. It's been over a year. It is so hard to find a quality company but Pella and "Pella Bobby" is the best around!

SMAH Southern Maine Affordable Housing

9 months ago  

Bobby and Matt were on time and performed the needed window repair efficiently. They were professional, courteous and left the work area very clean. Thank you Pella for your high quality of service

Paul Bennett

10 months ago  

Jamie Seyler helped us get a replacement for a damaged kitchen casement window which was under warranty. She was extremely courteous, helpful, cheerful and friendly. Thanks to her, we will be getting it in January which we will install ourselves in the spring. Thank you Pella for your high quality products and service.

Raymond Evans

10 months ago  

We came in to look at two different sliding doors our contractor had suggested. Jamie, the person who helped us, was personable, knowledgeable, and helpful.

Alfred Nicol

1 year ago  

Just got off the phone with Hailey. Amazing customer service. Super knowledgeable and helpful. She answered all of my questions. Thanks.

Tim Reed

1 year ago  

Everyone from my salesman Joe Maio, the installation team and the folks at the office manning the phones were super! Every expectation I had was exceeded, and I am NOT exaggerating! Pella has all my door and window office from now on! Thanks guys.

Jeffrey Gove

1 year ago  

Hailey and Jamie were outstanding in helping to locate some discontinued handles for my very old casement windows. They took the time to reach out to their installers to locate the handles I needed that were sitting on a truck not being used. Great customer service!!!

Kim Cummings

1 year ago  

Norman was a great salesperson. Going above and beyond during the initial sales visit to replace a handle on our Pella patio doors that i had been unable to fix. The patio doors were installed 2 years ago and they are fantastic, but we used a private installer. At the time of install the doors came with the wrong hardware. Pella shipped new hardware, but i never got around to having the contractor back. Who was great by the way. Norm fixed the handles in 2 minutes. He also provided other information about adjusting the doors. Still debating the windows, but Norman's caring for the customers was top notch.

Paul Marston

1 year ago  

My new Pella windows are amazing. Incredibly clear and easy to use. And the install was seemless. My sales consultant Joe Maio walked me through the process from start to finish so I know exactly what to expect. I'd recommend them to anyone.

Nathan Fink

1 year ago  

We worked with Joseph Maio on our window replacement. He was great to work with and the entire process went great. Joe helped us through some issues with one of our windows and made sure we were able to get the project completed. Everything came out great. Love the new windows and would highly recommend working with Pella for your window needs!

Kevin Reisert

2 years ago  

Our Pella window representative, Joe Maio, was excellent. His helpfulness with both choice of windows and the installation procedures made the entire process easy for us and successful. The installation crew we had knew their trade and the windows are beautiful. A job well done throughout the entire process! We even recommended them to a neighbor who is now working with Joe and crew.

Nancy Riley

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