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5 days ago  

I can say that the windows are looking great. The quality is good too. Something went wrong during the ordering. The slider door got privacy glass in it while there was never talked about it. Talked with CS and they told me to going to replace it for the correct glass. This is going to happen next month.

Peter Verheul

4 months ago  

We were considering replacing windows on my home, and solicited several bids, including from Pella. Dani Tofti came out to my house and was incredibly informative - she has been in the window business for many years, and she not only could point out the benefits of Pella products, but also gave an honest assessment about the state of our existing windows, and provided some historical perspective on when our windows were made and how the technology has changed since then. While we are still considering which windows to replace, I was really appreciative of her candor and knowledge and I would recommend calling on Dani if you are considering replacing your windows.

George Chrysos

6 months ago  


Bob Herrera

8 months ago  

We did our homework on new windows for our 1947 home and ended up choosing the Pella Architect Series Double Hung Window to stay within the period of our home's architecture with a little update. What sold us on the product was a) the weather resistant exterior frame w/ wood interior, b) large color palate to choose from both interior and exterior, c) ROLL AWAY SCREENS!, and d) Joe Grant's timely, relevant and leveling customer service. Thanks Pella, your installers (Larry and crew), customer service, delivery and product is an amazing next step in our remodel! Thanks JOE!~

Alison Gullion

8 months ago  

Dani Tofte came out to offer options for some windows that needed replacement. She was so pleasant, knowledgable and shared a wealth of information about Pella. Because we needed to only replace three out of seven windows in the area we ended up going with the same windows already in place. If I were going to build a new home, there is no question that I would contact Dani and Pella.

Julie Sheppard

10 months ago  

UPDATE: After posting my initial review and contacting someone on LinkedIn I was able to get my scheduling date moved up to mid-November as initially stated. The crew did an excellent job and was very professional. They were respectful of COVID health practices, were nice to my dogs, and did a great job replacing all of my windows. In the end I would definitely use them again. Very disappointed in the amount of time it is taking to get my windows. I tried to schedule Pella to come quote replacing all my windows while I was in escrow. The point was to have new windows as quickly as possible. The manager called me and said they wouldn't come until after I closed on the house. Frustrating but understandable. I scheduled an appointment for 2 days after we closed on the home (late Sept) and that same day we signed contracts and put over $7000 down. Everything seemed great. A few days later the contractor came out to do a second round of measurements and said my house was harder to install than they thought and he would need to think about how to do my project...I don't know what that means but fine, take your time. What I didn't know is while he was off doing other jobs and not finishing my quote I was being pushed to the back of the line for installation. After 2 weeks of calling and emailing them I finally heard back and the contractor came back to the house to re-measure. My quote changed slightly and I was told that now instead of a mid-November install we were looking at the 1st week of December. That was frustrating and I thought about backing out of my contract but I stayed and decided I could handle a 3 week delay. Today, over a week later, I get an email from the scheduler saying they were going to schedule me for early JANUARY. JANUARY! I don't understand how it went from late Oct to mid Nov to early Dec and now JANUARY. Meanwhile, I am stuck with broken windows in a cold winter and I am under contract so I probably can't even cancel at this point. I do not recommend if you are in any kind of hurry to get work done. I am beyond fed up.

Alyssa Dines

10 months ago  

Very quick once technician showed up.

Felicia Giambrone

10 months ago  

The job was to replace a window (there is no way to fix a double paned window I learned). In the end, it was a good experience. The technician was skilled, professional and smart. Example: we would need to match the stain to other windows, he gave me a piece of the old window so it would be easier to match the stain. I don't think most technicians would think to do this, to make it easier for the customer. I believe his name was Lee (from the Seattle office). Other aspects of getting job done: Bethany was fantastic, she understood my question and was kind in explaining how we would have to pick up the window, stain it ourselves and then they could install it. The first woman I spoke with was not as helpful, but it worked out in the end. I have a feeling they mostly work with builders. Since all of the windows in this house are Pella, and they work very well, I can recommend them.

Deborah S

1 year ago  

Thank you, Pella and Don (our serviceman) for repairing our beautiful triple-pane window that wouldn’t unhinge. I’m so grateful that you worked with me to keep trying!

Barbara Mathieson

1 year ago  

We're building a new home overlooking the Columbia River in a location where the full force of Gorge winds pummel our home most days of the year. Pella windows were just the antidote for this environment. The quality and appearance of these doors and windows are one of the best features of our icf home. Working with Jason Dovenberg out of the Tigard showroom made this experience one of the most positive and rewarding of our entire building experience. He spent hours working with us regarding details and adjustments to our order. Pella Windows have proved to us that they stand by their product and are truly committed to customer service! -Jary and Mary Snodgrass

Jary Snodgrass

2 years ago  

Don was very courteous and professional!!!

Danny Mones

2 years ago  

Oscar Carlson was our sales representative and provided outstanding service. Oscar was informative, prompt and was able to provide to me answers to all my questions. He had all the answers with pictures couple that with the Pella warranty and reputation it was a no brainer to select this product.

Patti Howard

2 years ago  

We enjoyed working with sales rep Aubriana. She explained the features of the windows and what the installation process would consist of. We will be a repeat customer as our whole house will require new windows. A very satisfying experience.

Jackie McCoy

2 years ago  

Attentively and professionally done in all respects.


2 years ago  

Fixed our windows, quickly.

Linda Novitski

2 years ago  

I called Pella after the seal broke on our 15yr old sliding glass door. The process from the phone call to the replacement installation was quick and painless. We sure appreciate it!

Kirsten Goldworthy

2 years ago  

Don from Pella Door and windows did an awesome job! He was prompt, considerate, and very competent. I had 4 door seals and a window latch that needed replace. A couple of the doors needed more attention then the others and he put in the extra effort to make them just right. Definitely would recommend them!

Benjamin Mauck

2 years ago  

Fast friendly cleanly professional.

Thomas Igler

2 years ago  

Don did a great job taking care of my issue.

Alan Pruder

2 years ago  

Andrew Tchernov

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